Weighted Shoulder Wraps
Surprisingly comforting
They can be worn on the
shoulders while seated, or
placed over the chest in a
reclining position. Provides
the calming sensation of
hands pressing gently
Weighted Lap Wraps
are a little more versatile.
They can be draped over the
lap or folded on the lap.  
They can be placed over
areas of the body in a
reclined position.
Weighted Lap Pads
depending on the weight.
They are used in a seated
position. They are excellent
in school situations where
prolonged sitting is required.
Weighted Blankets by Salt Of The Earth Weighted Gear
Weighted Blankets Weighted Vests and more by Salt Of The Earth Weighted Gear
Weighted products are not to be used without adult supervision. They are not to be used doubled or
placed over the face. Never use a weighted product to confine or restrict movement. Salt Of The
Earth Weighted Gear is not responsible for any form of damage connected with our products.
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