Our Story

My name is Annie. My sister, Avon and I started making weighted blankets and
weighted vests in 2004. At first I made the blankets and she made the vests. Soon
we hired about 8 local women who also need to be able to work at home.

Avon has had to retire this year (2018). She has stage 4 cancer is  taking chemo.
We would appreciate prayers for her.

Our weighted blankets, weighted vests and other products are constructed with care
and prayer right here in Henderson and York Nebraska. We use 4 layers of quality
fabric and a wonderful, painstakenly screened and cleaned fine stone fill for weight.  
It is quilted into about 6 inch squares. It is safe and natural, compact and cool by
nature, and never a danger in the case of fire.

. Most of the weighted Blankets on the market now are made in China. They are
constructed with a plastic bead weighted insert that goes into a fleece like or quilted
cover. Some are nice. Some - Not so much.

We believe that God cares for the precious souls who use these products and that
he honors our service, our honesty and the works of our hands. We are honerd to
have your business.

Salt of The Earth Weighted Gear LLC
1041 17th Street
Henderson, Nebraska  68371

phone - 402-366-5883
fax - 1-800-345-0579
email - annie.saltoftheearth@gmail.com