30 to 39 pounds - 3 to 5 pounds
40 to 49 pounds - 4 to 6 pounds
50 to 59 pounds - 5 to 7 pounds
60 to 69 pounds - 6 to 8 pounds
70 to 79 pounds - 7 to 9 pounds
80 to 89 pounds - 8 to 10 pounds
90 to 99 pounds - 9 to 11 pounds
100 to 109 pounds - 10 to 12 pounds
110 to 119 pounds - 11 to 13 pounds  
120 to 129 pounds - 12 to 14 pounds
130 to 139 pounds - 13 to 15 pounds
140 to 149 pounds - 14 to 16 pounds
150 to 159 pounds - 13 to 17 pounds
160 to 169 pounds - 16 to 18 pounds
170 to 179 pounds - 17 to 19 pounds
180 pounds and up - 18 to 20 pounds
How do I decide how much weight?
We at Salt Of The Earth Weighted Gear are not Professional
Therapists. The advice we offer is based on recommendations
offered by most OT's.
The amount of weight you put into a vest should not be over 8%
of the user's weight or more weight than the user can comfortably
carry for an hour. Your OT should help you decide.

4 Reasons we don't make blankets over 20 pounds

Once a person reaches adulthood, or around 150 pounds,
their bone structure will
not change much, no matter how much they come to weigh. So a
15 pound blanket is
often sufficient for any size adult. For those needing extra weight,
a 20 pound blanket
offers a very effective amount of pressure.

2... An extra heavy weighted blanket can be surprisingly awkward
to handle.  
Folded,a 20 pound blanket is much like holding two 10 pound
sacks of potatoes and the user should be able to lift and carry it.
Spread over the body, it is very comforting, but not very easy to
manipulate. Unfolded, it is a dead weight, like a small child who is
not too heavy until he/she goes limp in your arms. So if you want
to readjust it in the night, you'll be glad it's not more than 20

3... Though our blankets are machine washable, 20 pounds is the
maximum that
would be safe in the average washing machine.

4....Though our blankets are well constructed, with 4 layers of
fabric, over 20 pounds could put too much strain on the stitching
when the blanket is being pulled around and manipulated.

If you still need more weight, we suggest that you purchase two
blankets to use together. If you wanted 30 pounds, you could buy
two 15 pound blankets or a 20 pound blanket and a 10 pound
How Much Weight
Should I Choose?
Most professional Occupational Therapists
recommend 10 to 12% of the user's weight
All about Fine Grain River Stone Weight

Salt of the Earth Weighted Blankets are evenly weighted
with painstakingly cleaned, fine grade river stone.
It is smooth, safe and dust free.
Fine grade river stone is a much more concentrated weight
than plastic beads and is therefore more effective for it's
deep pressure effectiveness. (Think of a 1  pound rock in
one hand and 1 pound of marshmallows in the other.
Though they both weigh the same, the concentrated weight
of the rock provides more effective pressure.
Our fine grade river stone is not sand and is not crushed
rock. It is natural hard river stone naturally formed by the
passing of time. It is not sharp or porous. It will not wear
through the four layers of blanket fabrics. It can't mildew as
long as the blanket is washed after a food spill.
In case of fire, it is 100% fire proof and cannot give off any
toxic fumes.

     Not recommended for children who might chew the blanket.
     Machine washable according to instructions provided.