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Question:   May I choose a fabric for a weighted blanket from the vest fabrics selection?
Answer:     No. We would have to contact you and ask you to choose a different fabric.

Question:   May I choose a fabric for a weighted vest from the blanket fabrics selection?
Answer:      It would depend on the size of the pattern. Please call if you wish to do that.

Question:   May I choose a fabric for a weighted Lap Pad, Lap Wrap or Shoulder wrap from either the
vest fabrics or the blanket fabrics selection?
Answer:    Yes.

Question:   May I choose one fabric for the front of the blanket and another for the back?

Answer:    No. Because of the way our weighted blankets are constructed there is a hem on the back
side and so the two fabrics must blend perfectly.  We choose a solid color for the back that matches
well with the front.
Question:   What kind of fabrics do you use?
Answer:     Nearly all of the print and solid fabrics through out the website are 100% cotton. All of the
fabrics are good quality. The back of the blankets are done in a good quality corresponding solid color
cotton or cotton-polly blend. The inside of the blanket is constructed with 2 layers of cotton muslin or
cotton-polly broadcloth. These same fabric principles apply to the weighted vests.  The lap pads, Lap
Wraps and Shoulder wraps are interlined with 2 layers of fleece and they have a very soft touch .  

               To see the Weighted Vest fabrics go to the Weighted Vest Page.
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